Processing.js’s Touch Events

April 15, 2011

Processing.js’s Touch Events

With the release of Processing.js v1.1, a very interesting feature was added — support for Webkit touch events. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any documentation on how these events can be used. (A ticket for this documentation bug appears to exist.)

Fortunately, using the events is simple enough — here is a quick demo. (Using this demo requires a multi-touch device, such as an iPad.) Below is the source code of the .pde file:

Essentially, the following new events were added:

  • void touchStart(TouchEvent touchEvent);
  • void touchMove(TouchEvent touchEvent);
  • void touchEnd(TouchEvent touchEvent);
  • void touchCancel(TouchEvent touchEvent);

Coordinates of the touched points can be accessed from the touchEvent.touches array. offsetX and offsetY attributes of each element represent the position relative to the canvas, and can go outside the canvas.

With this new feature, it will be possible to create many interesting stuff. Great work Processing.js team!


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