MP4Box Cli Recipes

December 11, 2010

MP4Box Cli Recipes

Here are some commonly-used MP4Box commands.

Check MP4 File Content

MP4Box -info <filename>

Extract MP4 Track

MP4Box -raw <Track Number> <filename>

Track number can be seen using MP4Box -info.

Merge Raw Files into MP4

MP4Box -add '<Video Track>#video' -add '<Audio Track>#audio' [Output Filename]

The #video and #audio suffixes signify the tracks are video and audio, respectively, and should be appended to the filenames. If additional tracks need to be added, such as subtitle tracks, just append -add '<filename>' to the command before [Output Filename].

Note: All the tracks in the MP4, MKV, AVI or MPEG containers need to be extracted first before they can be put in a new MP4 container using MP4Box.


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